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Priority Pursuit

Dec 8, 2021

35. In this week’s episode of Priority Pursuit, we’re changing things up a bit. And, to be honest, I’m sharing something on the show that I never planned to share—my testimony (AKA how and why I believe in God). 

Now, this isn’t necessarily a Christian podcast, but I am a Christian, and over the last few months, I’ve been talking to many creative entrepreneurs who (1) also struggle with many of the same things I do and (2) have had similar life experiences. As a result, I feel called to share my story. 

And, in case this episode helps just one person feel less alone or know they have inherent value regardless of their accomplishments or their business’s revenue, I’m honored to get to share my testimony—why I find my worth in Christ and not my work—with you (or whomever takes the time to listen).