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Priority Pursuit

Dec 1, 2021

34. As a small business owner and creative entrepreneur, do you truly understand how to market your business?

I mean, I don’t know about you, but whenever I scroll through Instagram, my podcast feed, or even my inbox, I feel like I’m hit with countless marketing ideas and tactics. And, for a lot of small business owners, this can feel overwhelming. 

Afterall, which tactics actually work? How do you develop a marketing strategy as a small business? How do you ensure the time you dedicate to marketing your business is time and energy well spent? And, how do you market your business in a way that actually leads to more money? 

Thankfully, in this week’s episode of Priority Pursuit, Treefrog Marketing Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist Kelly Rice is sharing a three-step marketing strategy that is proven to work for small businesses of all kinds. 

Located in Lafayette, Indiana, Treefrog Marketing is a marketing agency that specifically works with small businesses. Since 2000, Kelly and her team have been helping small businesses grow and increase their revenue through science-based marketing protocols that actually work. 

While I highly recommend listening to this episode and downloading out Treefrog’s “Three Steps to Effective Marketing” guide for more details, below you’ll find an outline of Kelly’s complete marketing strategy for small businesses:

  1. Stop talking about yourself. 
  2. Get the brain’s attention.
    1. Audience
    2. Website
    3. Content
    4. Promotion
  3. Build a solid plan of action that includes:

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