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Priority Pursuit

Nov 24, 2021

33. As a creative entrepreneur, other than money, what’s one thing you wish you had more of? For most of us, the answer is time. 

There just never seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all the things, get to passion projects, spend time with the people who matter most, or rest. And, unfortunately, time isn’t a commodity that can be purchased. 

However, there are tools, services, and resources you can invest in (or put on your Christmas list) that will save you time and, thus, give you more time to do what you love and focus on the needle-moving tasks within your business. 

In case you’d love to be gifted with more time, in this episode of “Priority Pursuit,” we’re discussing 11 time-saving gifts to ask for this Christmas as a creative entrepreneur! (Side note: Many of these are also tax-deductible business expenses. So, don’t hesitate to treat yourself!)

  1. A Roomba - 
    1. Blue Apron - 
    2. Hello Fresh - 
  2. Any Service That’s Going to Allow You to Do Less Thinking, Planning, or Work
    1. Amy & Jordan Demos Courses - 
    2. Katelyn James Courses - 
  3. Courses or Education
    1. TSA PreCheck - 
    2. CLEAR - 
  4. TSA PreCheck or CLEAR
    1. Wine & Watercolors with Roseberry & Co - 
    2. Adventure Challenge - 
    3. Cellar Wine Bistro Wine Club - 
  5. Pre-planned Date or Friend Nights
  6. Planner - 
    1. Audible - 
    2. Chirp - 
  7. Audiobook Gift Card 
  8. Airpods - 
  9. Alexa or Echo - 
  10. Phone Tripod - 
  11. Anything That’s Going to Allow You to Prioritize Self Care

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