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Priority Pursuit

Nov 17, 2021

32. Practicing and prioritizing self care as a creative entrepreneur is often a challenge because self care just never seems to fit in with all the work that has to be done, especially during busy seasons. And, even when busy seasons wind down, self care still tends to get put on the back burner because—well—there’s always more work that can be done. (Enneagram 3’s, do you feel this in your bones right now?)

But, according to Mental Health Therapist Courtney L. Porter, who’s coined herself as the “self care therapist,” making self care a priority is a must for creative entrepreneurs who want their lives and businesses to thrive. (Side note: This probably goes without saying, but creative entrepreneurs aren’t notoriously great at taking care of themselves or prioritizing their mental health.)

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Courtney has dedicated her practice to helping creative entrepreneurs and small business owners better understand and practice self care. Between her professional niche, being a business owner herself, and the fact that Courtney is married to a photographer and works alongside him, Courtney truly knows how hard self care can be for creative entrepreneurs.

And, in this episode of Priority Pursuit, Courtney defines what self care means, shares the six key elements of self care, explains why self care is important, and gives practical steps to help you start practicing and prioritizing self care as a creative entrepreneur. 

If you’ve been meaning to make self care more of a priority, this episode of Priority Pursuit is for you! 

In this episode, Courtney explains:

  1. The six key elements of self care
  2. Why creative entrepreneurs need to prioritize self care
  3. Why creative entrepreneurs tend to be bad at self care
  4. How to start practicing and prioritizing self care with just 15 minutes a day 

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