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Priority Pursuit

Sep 28, 2022

Did you know, as of June 2022, there were more than 130 social media platforms? From Facebook to Reddit to Athlinks and more, small business owners have plenty of options for targeting a broad (or niche) group of customers. But, it’s impossible to be active on every single platform. And, even if you try to post on better-known sites like Facebook or Instagram, you might not enjoy being on certain platforms for one reason or another.

Maybe you’ve wondered how to walk away from social media sites you don’t like, but you’re worried about missing business opportunities or connections with potential customers. Well, friend, Lindsay LaShell of Open Lines is here to tell you that you can reach your audience and serve them well without being on every platform⁠—and, you can even say goodbye to the social media channels you don’t like!

Lindsay is a marketing activist, coach, and course instructor who works with underrepresented and underfunded creative entrepreneurs to empower them with opportunities to reach more customers. She loves helping her clients and students understand which social media platforms and other tactics will grow their businesses⁠⁠—and encourages them to ditch the rest. 

In this episode of Priority Pursuit, Lindsay explains how you can walk away from social media platforms you don’t like without hurting your business or sacrificing connections with customers.

In this episode, Lindsay discusses: 

  1. How creative entrepreneurs should decide which social media platforms to invest their time in
  2. How creatives can prepare to walk away from social media platforms they don’t like without missing out on business opportunities
  3. How creative entrepreneurs can overcome the fear of saying goodbye to certain social media platforms
  4. The next steps for creatives who have limited their social media presence to the platforms that work for them
  5. What creative entrepreneurs should do if they feel overwhelmed with planning, posting, & engaging with social media

You can find a more detailed version of this episode’s show notes at:

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