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Priority Pursuit

Jul 13, 2022

What does your dream business look like, and what would it take to make it a reality? For Maddie Peschong, clarifying her priorities and building an authentic personal brand allowed her to form her ideal business around the life she wanted. 

Maddie is a Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based brand photographer and business coach who spent years working a 9-to-5 while growing her photography skills on the side. Today, she runs a six-figure business that’s flexible enough to let her take midday dance party breaks with her kids and spend time watching The Office with her husband on the regular. 

However, this lifestyle and business weren’t possible until Maddie understood the importance of creating and implementing an authentic personal brand.

In this episode of Priority Pursuit, Maddie explains what personal branding is, why it’s important, and how creative entrepreneurs can build an authentic personal brand while growing their business.

In this episode, Maddie discusses: 

  1. What an “authentic personal brand” is & why it’s important for creative entrepreneurs to have one
  2. How creative entrepreneurs can build an authentic personal brand
    1. Know your priorities, your voice, & your audience.
    2. Brainstorm your dream business & what it will take to get there.
    3. Create & share content with the know-like-trust factor.

You can find a more detailed version of this episode’s show notes at:

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