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Priority Pursuit

Jun 22, 2022

As an SEO coach, something I get asked regularly is, “If I work from home, do I have to list my home address for my business to appear on Google Maps and for my website to rank well on Google?” 

A couple years ago, the answer was—without a doubt—yes. However, over the last couple years, more and more small business owners have started operating their businesses from home. And, for safety and other reasons, they’ve been hesitant to list their addresses on Google. 

Thankfully, Google heard the cries of both small business owners and frustrated Google users (more on this in a minute), and you no longer have to make your home address public on your Google Business Profile to appear in Google Maps—which is now often referred to as Google’s Local Pack. 

Side note: You do still have to provide Google with an address when you create a Google Business Profile. Google uses your address to verify that you and your business are real, but you do not have to list your address online publically. 

With this in mind, in this episode of Priority Pursuit, I want to break down whether or not you should consider making your address public on your Google Business Profile based on your personal needs, business model, and how you serve your customers. 

In this episode, we specifically discuss:

  1. What is Google’s “Local Pack”?
  2. Should YOU list your home address on your Google Business Profile based on your business model?
  3. Mistakes to avoid making in regards to listing your address online. 

You can find a more detailed version of this episode’s show notes at:

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