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Priority Pursuit

Jun 8, 2022


Social media isn’t just great for keeping in touch with loved ones and sharing memes from The Office. It can also help you connect with clients and build your business!


Katelyn Workman of Katelyn Workman Photography knows the power of creating and fostering connection on social media firsthand. Katelyn is a Virginia-based wedding photographer whose business is thriving thanks to her community marketing strategies, relatable social media presence, and relationship-building efforts. 


Serving clients well and connecting with clients, potential clients, and other wedding vendors on social media are at the top of Katelyn’s priorities list. In fact, while she’s grateful for the referrals she gets from industry vendors and past brides, the majority of her bookings actually come through social media—a rare feat for photographers!


In today’s episode, Katelyn will explain how we can create connection and increase sales via social media and community marketing and—ultimately—serve our clients better than ever.


In this episode, Katelyn discusses: 


  1. What “community marketing” is & how it can grow your business
  2. How creative entrepreneurs can create connection & increase sales via social media in a non-spammy way
    1. Show up as your authentic self.
    2. Look for ways to form genuine friendships.
    3. Set boundaries with what you share.
    4. Consider how others may connect with your story.
    5. Don’t just strive for a “pretty” Instagram.
  3. How photographers & other creatives can show up consistently on social media
    1. Aim for a certain number of posts per week.
    2. Don’t feel like you have to post every single day.
    3. Connect with others in a weekly personal post.


You can find a more detailed version of this episode’s show notes at:

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