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Priority Pursuit

May 25, 2022

059. Have you ever considered making your brand a “luxury brand”? Whether you’d like to scale back your hours, create an incredible client experience, or even make more money per job, there are several reasons to consider making your brand more “luxurious.” 

Alison Stevenson of Alison Mae Photography is an Indianapolis-based wedding photographer who knows the benefits of creating a luxury brand firsthand. For more than six years, Alison has been strategically building her brand in a way that sets her apart from other wedding photographers in her market. With a fine-art and film-inspired style, Alison offers a luxury experience that her clients never forget.

While Alison certainly serves her clients well, her family—which includes her husband and their two dogs and two cats—and her loved ones have also benefited from Alison’s brand transition. We discuss this more in the episode, but basically, because Alison is able to charge more per wedding, she is able to spend more time with those who matter most and less time working.

In case you’re interested in creating a luxury brand or making your current brand more high end, in this episode of Priority Pursuit, Alison explains what a luxury brand is, reasons to consider creating a high-end brand, and how to build a luxury brand as a small business. 

In this episode, Alison explains:

  1. What a luxury brand is 
  2. Why you should consider creating a luxury brand
  3. How to create a luxury brand 
  4. Know your numbers
  5. Learn to say no
  6. Build community
  7. Identify your ideal client
  8. Be highly organized and plan ahead

You can find a more detailed version of this episode’s show notes at:

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