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Priority Pursuit

Apr 6, 2022

Do you need new branding photos? Whether it’s simply time for updated photos or you’ve never had photos taken for your business, don’t stress. Because, today, you’re going to find out how to prepare for your branding photoshoot! 


Erica and Jon Hayes are a husband and wife branding photography team. From working with clients like the Chicago White Sox, Soft Scrub, and Amy & Jordan Demos, Erica and Jon have the expertise to deliver any creative entrepreneur brand imagery that increases brand awareness and builds trust with their ideal clients, which can translate into an increase in revenue. 


Erica and Jon are passionate about creating brand imagery that is compelling and intentionally crafted to reflect the vision, goals, and unique messages that their clients have for their businesses. 


If you want to strengthen your brand through imagery, tune into this episode, where Erica and Jon explain exactly how to prepare for your branding photoshoot. 


In this episode, Erica and Jon explain:


  1. Why branding photos matter
  2. What a branding shoot is
  3. The steps to prepare for your personal branding photoshoot
    1. Define who you are as a brand
    2. Determine where you need to be able to use your photos
    3. Decide what kind of style you want for your photos 
    4. Send your photographer examples of branding photos that you like


You can find a more detailed version of this episode’s show notes at:


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