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Priority Pursuit

Aug 25, 2021

023. If you’ve listened to a single episode of “Priority Pursuit,” you know I don’t believe that work-life balance exists. And, friend, this is largely because there are busy seasons. There are busy seasons in life for various reasons, and as creative entrepreneurs, most of us face busy seasons simply because that’s how our industries work. 

For instance, as a wedding photographer in the Midwest, May through October tend to be very busy for me because we only have six months of nice weather per year, so most people get married during this timeframe. 

This episode is by no means about how to make busy seasons stress free or how to prevent busy weeks, months, or quarters altogether. Instead, this episode is simply about how you can prepare for, manage, and—not to be dramatic—but survive busy seasons in your business when they inevitably come with five tips and tricks:

  1. Set boundaries.
  2. Front load those who will be affected by your busy season.
  3. Put your business priorities—the things that move the needle in your business—above all else. 
  4. Outsource what you can. 
  5. When busy season is over, reassess your boundaries. 

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