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Priority Pursuit

Jun 30, 2021

015. Arielle Peters of Arielle Peters Photography is a wedding photographer and educator based in South Bend, Indiana. When she isn’t capturing photos of blushing brides on their wedding days or offering workshops and coaching sessions to fellow photographers, she’s spending time with her husband Tannan and their energetic children who constantly keep them on their toes. 

Life has been very busy for Arielle since 2010. You see, she started her business (part time and then went full time), got married and became a pastor’s wife, had two children, and added an education component to her business. And, now, Arielle and Tannan are in the process of planting a church.   

Arielle by no means claims to have things all together and is a self-proclaimed recovering workaholic, but her business is thriving, she strives to be present for her kids, and in this episode of “Priority Pursuit,” she’s sharing a few tips and tricks that have allowed her to juggle (not necessarily balance) entrepreneurship and motherhood. 

  1. Schedule regular help with your kids.  
  2. Manage your time by outsourcing. 
  3. Create boundaries that protect time with your family. 
  4. Evaluate your business yearly, to determine what is and isn’t working for your business and family. 
  5. Give yourself grace and lots of it.  

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