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Priority Pursuit

May 26, 2021

010. Anna and Ryan Leonard of Refuge Photography are crossfit buddies; sushi enthusiasts; and a destination, husband-wife photography team based in Rosemary Beach Florida. 

If you meet these two in person or even just follow them on the Gram, you’ll quickly fall in love with them. Between their service-centered hearts, matching PJs, and their frequent use of confetti, Ryan and Anna are essentially the epitome of “couple goals.” 

That said, owning and operating a business with your spouse is harder than most people realize. 

With this in mind, in this week’s episode of Priority Pursuit, Ryan and Anna are sharing what running a business with your spouse is actually like. Spoiler Alert: Ryan and Anna work until 2:00 am far more often than they take sunset walks on the beach. 

While I want to encourage you to listen to this full episode of Priority Pursuit because Ryan and Anna share countless nuggets of marriage and business wisdom in this episode that are applicable to both spouse business owners and simply married couples, you can find a summary of a few of the biggest takeaways from “Episode 010: The Good, The Hard, & The Myths About Running a Business with Your Spouse with Ryan & Anna Leonard of Refuge Photography” below! 

  1. Consistent work is what leads to results. 
  2. Focus on your spouse’s positives—not their negatives—& divide responsibilities based on one another’s strengths. 
  3. Decide TOGETHER how hard & long you want to hustle.
  4. If you aren’t a spouse team, don’t feel like your marriage is less than. 
  5. Let your shared values & mission be the driving force behind both your marriage & your business. 

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