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Priority Pursuit

Jan 5, 2022

39. Welcome to the first episode of “The Priority Pursuit Podcast”—a podcast dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs define, maintain, and pursue both their personal and business priorities! 

As a recovering workaholic, I’ve learned the hard way what loving your job too much can do to your personal life. While I don’t believe work-life balance exists, I do believe there’s power in determining your priorities—both in your personal life and in your business—and making choices and creating systems based around what’s most important to you and what’s going to lead to results.

Relationships, effective marketing strategies, setting boundaries, delegating, creating an incredible client experience, and keeping your priorities at the core of everything you do are exactly what you, experts, and I will be discussing every week. 

With this in mind, it only makes sense for the very first episode of “Priority Pursuit” to be about identifying your priorities and assessing how well you’re pursuing what’s most important to you both in your personal life and your business and getting all of this information down on paper.

How to Determine & Assess Your Personal Priorities

  1. Make a list of the people & activities that are most important to you, & put them in order of most to least important. 
  2. Use your calendar to assess whether or not you’re making time for what’s most important in your life. 
  3. If you aren’t prioritizing your priorities, determine why. 
  4. Get specific about what needs to change in order to make your hypothetical priorities your real priorities. 

How to Determine & Assess Your Business Priorities

  1. Determine how your paying clients are finding you to figure out what your top business priorities should be. 
  2. Make a list of all of your business tasks.
  3. Compare your lists & determine which tasks are needed for your priorities. 
  4. Stop putting tasks on your to-do list that aren’t moving the needle in your business. 
  5. Use your new-found time to help your business grow!

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