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Priority Pursuit

Dec 22, 2021

37. The holidays are here, friends! And, as wonderful as this time of year is, it can be a lot for small business owners and often hard to enjoy because there’s just so much on our plates. 

With this in mind, in this week’s episode of “Priority Pursuit,” we’re discussing five ways you can better prepare your business, mind, and heart for a little time off this year without letting things fall through the cracks in your business. 

We dive deeper in the show, but the five tips are:

  1. Turn your out-of-the-office response on. 
  2. Create an email template for new inquiries so you can respond quickly. 
  3. Schedule the activities you want to do, & arrange your work schedule around them. 
  4. Plan your social media content in advance. 
  5. Be present. 

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