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Priority Pursuit

Dec 16, 2021

36. Small business owner friends, just like you do your best to serve your customers well and meet their needs, Google does the same for its users. As the world’s leading search engine, Google’s goal is to to help its users find the information they’re looking for as quickly, directly, and as easily as possible. As a result, Google is constantly making improvements and updates to its algorithm. 

If you’ve listened to past Priority Pursuit episodes about SEO, you know this is a topic I’m very passionate about and that I firmly believe I’m able to be a full-time wedding photographer because of SEO. 

Every year, 40% of my couples find me through Google, meaning SEO is responsible for 40% of my income. And, while it took time to get my website to the first page of Google, every lead I receive from Google is (1) 100% free and (2) highly qualified because these leads are already actively looking for my services and content. 

I’ve been working with SEO in one capacity or another since 2012, and in the last 10 years, I’ve witnessed countless Google algorithm changes and SEO trends. And, I can honestly say that I’m really excited about what Google is doing in 2022, because these changes are truly beneficial to you and me as both Google users and small business owners. 

If you’re sweating thinking about these changes, take a deep breath. As of right now, in my opinion, there are eight SEO trends for 2022 small business owners need to be aware of, and they’re all positive.

  1. Google has switched to the “MUM” update.
    1. Learn more about the MUM update here:
    1. Install Google Search Console to access your Core Web Vitals:
  2. Load speed matters more than ever before. 
    1. Remember that keywords still matter. If you have questions about keywords, listen to “Episode 009: How to Identify & Use Strategic Keywords to Improve Your SEO”:  
  3. When developing content, make “user intent” your top priority. 
  4. To be featured as a “direct snippet,” you need to answer questions clearly & concisely.
  5. In terms of SEO, mobile experience matters more than desktop experience. 
  6. Begin optimizing new content with Voice Search in mind. 
  7. Video is going to play an even bigger role in SEO. 
  8. Your Google Business Profile matters.

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