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Priority Pursuit

Sep 21, 2022

As a creative entrepreneur, you’re an expert (or you soon will be!) in your field. And, you might like to find a way to teach others what you’ve learned so you can make an income and an impact. So, how can you sell your knowledge and serve your fellow industry professionals?

Well, course creation may be just what you’ve been looking for! Creating an online course⁠—and selling it to others in your industry⁠—will let you do what you love, earn more money, and give your students tools to improve their skills. And, today’s guest, Melissa Guller, is on a mission to help small business owners do just that: share their expertise by adding online courses to their growth strategy.

Melissa is the founder and CEO of Wit & Wire, where she helps online business owners share their expertise and reach a wider audience with podcasting. She’s worked for Ramit Sethi at Teachable and produced multiple U.S. Top 50 Podcasts, and her top-ranking podcast, Everything is Teachable, came in as the #2 Career Podcast in America. Melissa has also helped almost 2,000 podcasters through her Wit & Wire programs, and she loves teaching entrepreneurs with her online courses on podcasting and course creation. Building and selling these courses has allowed Melissa to increase her revenue and enjoy more freedom in her personal life.

In this episode of Priority Pursuit, Melissa explains how to create an online course so you can share your expertise with other industry professionals. She also provides tips for selling your offer, budgeting for course creation, making time in your schedule to create courses, and more.

In this episode, Melissa discusses: 

  1. When (& why) creative entrepreneurs should create an online course
  2. What steps should creatives follow to outline, design, & sell their online courses?
    1. Stage 1: Validate
    2. Stage 2: Elevate
    3. Stage 3 Automate
  3. Melissa’s selling tips for creative entrepreneurs
  4. How creatives can still build & sell courses if they have a busy season (ex: wedding photographers in the summer)
  5. How much creative entrepreneurs should budget to create an online course
    1. What kind of income creatives can expect from selling online courses

You can find a more detailed version of this episode’s show notes at:

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