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Priority Pursuit

Jul 27, 2022

As creative entrepreneurs, we’re constantly trying to grow our businesses by reaching more people with valuable information and solutions to the problems they’re facing. And, because our prospects are spending more time online than ever before, it makes sense to meet them where they are—which is often in their inboxes. But, how do you convince more people to sign up for your emails, engage with your content, and eventually become happy customers?

Believe it or not, online quizzes are one of the most effective ways to build your email list. When you give website visitors helpful, personalized information within a fun, engaging quiz, of course they’d want to share their email address with you to get even more of your great content! But, how do you create a quiz your audience will actually want to take, and how can you easily build a quiz and add it to your website? Today’s guest, Josh Haynam, shares his expertise on quiz-building and converting leads into customers.

Josh is the co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, a software that helps creative entrepreneurs build leads and make sales by connecting with customers through engaging and personalized quizzes. The very first quiz he and his co-founder made in 2014 converted at 40%, while the websites they were building only converted at 2%. Because of this crazy successful conversion rate, Josh went all in on quiz-building to help his clients generate leads. 

Today, Interact customers enjoy the same 40% average conversion rate with personalized and engaging quizzes that generate 42,000 new leads per day. (For comparison, landing pages with downloadable PDFs only have a 10-14% average conversion rate. That’s quite a difference!) By creating interactive and relatable quizzes that entice people to sign up for more information, creative entrepreneurs can stand out in their industries and form a connection with their leads.

In this episode of Priority Pursuit, Josh explains how you can build your email list using quizzes that are fun, engaging, and relatable to your audience.

In this episode, Josh discusses:

  1. Why creative entrepreneurs need to build their email lists
  2. Why you should build your email list using quizzes
    1. When & how to use a quiz for lead generation
    2. Examples of quizzes creative entrepreneurs can make
  3. How creative entrepreneurs can add quizzes to their websites 

You can find a more detailed version of this episode’s show notes at:

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