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Priority Pursuit

Mar 16, 2022

049. Perhaps you’ve seen my posts on social media, but we’re moving to Indianapolis! After six wonderful years in Lafayette, Indiana and of being a Lafayette, Indiana wedding photographer, we’ve decided to move an hour south to Indiana’s capital, where we’ll live just outside of downtown Indy. 


While we’re excited for this move, as a business owner, this move does come with a lot of work on my end, especially in regards to SEO


In this episode of Priority Pursuit, I’m sharing what my team and I are doing behind the scenes to adjust my SEO strategy for our new city so that if you find yourself and your business moving any time soon, you’ll know exactly how to update your local SEO when your business moves.


Now, if you aren’t planning on moving, don’t dismiss this episode, because the strategies we’re going to discuss can also be used to improve your local ranking on Google, especially if you aren’t already showing up on page one of search results. 


To improve your local Google rankings, you need to:


  1. Update the keywords on the main pages of your website based on your new location.
  2. Get a phone number with your new location’s area code. 
  3. Update your online directory listings. 
  4. Ask past clients for online reviews if they haven’t already left them. 
  5. Create niche, location-specific blog posts or content that can be consumed on your website.


You can find a more detailed version of this episode’s show notes at:


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