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Priority Pursuit

Feb 23, 2022

046. Are you looking for a community of other creative entrepreneurs who you can build relationships with? Have you gotten tired of being your own sounding board and could really use the advice and feedback of others? If so, then this episode of Priority Pursuit is for you! 

Courtney Cannon and her husband Robert, make up the husband-wife wedding and branding photography team, The Cannons Photography based in Massillon, Ohio. Courtney and her husband have a passion for serving and loving couples well and pulling out all the stops to show their clients, vendors, and fellow entrepreneurs that they truly care. They’ve even created a styled boutique conference called The Graceful Gathering to teach others how to truly care and serve their clients well. 

If you can’t find Courtney behind a camera or mingling about in a crowd making new friends, you might catch her at Chick-fil-a with an ice cold lemonade or having a dance party with her children Max and Cora, or going on a walk dreaming of the day when she and her family will own a Corgi. 

Courtney and her husband have purposefully built a thriving business that’s founded on showing people that they care, cultivating meaningful relationships, and being genuine. And in this episode, Courtney shares why community is important and gives practical steps for how you can foster community in your industry as a creative entrepreneur.

In this episode, Courtney shares:

  1. Why community is so important for creative entrepreneurs
  2. How to start building community and cultivating community
  3. How to foster community with clients and vendors
  4. How workshops can help you foster community with clients & vendors
  5. The importance of serving well and showing grace
  6. A little bit of relationship advice


You can find a more detailed version of this episode’s show notes at:

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