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Priority Pursuit

Feb 9, 2022

044. Have you ever wondered exactly how to determine your prices as a creative entrepreneur? Do you know if you’re charging the appropriate amount for your services and/or products? If you have pricing questions, this episode of Priority Pursuit is for you!

Chris Deckard of Velvet Lotus Photography is a Lafayette, Indiana photographer who photographs diverse subjects. He shoots high school and university seniors, families, weddings, and commercial photography. And, on top of this, he mentors and offers workshops to other photographers. 

When Chris isn’t behind a camera or computer, he can be found cooking, sipping on a nice bourbon, or spending time with his three children and his dog, Sophie. 

With over a decade’s worth of photography and business experience, Chris has successfully determined the prices that move the needle forward in his business. The pricing advice and guidance he offers in this episode of Priority Pursuit is not just for photographers. Chris’s formula can be used by any creative entrepreneur who wants to know exactly how to determine their prices and grow their business.

In this episode, Chris shares:

  1. Determining your prices starts with defining the cost of doing business
  2. Exactly how to determine your cost of doing business 
  3. How to determine what to pay yourself
  4. How to determine what to charge for both services and products
  5. What to do if these numbers scare you


You can find a more detailed version of this episode’s show notes at:

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