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Priority Pursuit

Jun 9, 2021

012. Do you have set systems in your business? Or, are you flying by the seat of your pants and simply spending day after day trying to get as much done as you can and going to bed stressed because you “didn’t get enough done”? 

As creative entrepreneurs, we make our own schedules, which is a beautiful thing. But, if we aren’t careful, our days can turn into nothing more than putting out fires or getting distracted by whatever we’re excited about at the moment. 

In order to serve your clients well and prioritize the things that actually move the needle in your business, you need to have systems in place to make sure that what’s most important is getting done as efficiently as possible. 

So, in this episode of Priority Pursuit, I want to share what my post-wedding process or system looks like with you in hopes of inspiring you to create concrete systems in your own business.

Now, if you aren’t a photographer, please don’t tune this out. While I’m using a photography example, chances are, a system can be created around every facet of your business. You just need to break it down. 

What is a system?

Within your business, a system is simply an organized way of completing what’s usually a large task, and systems are most effective when there are deadlines or time scheduled specifically for the task. 

Victoria’s Post Wedding Workflow

  • Saturday
    • Shoot wedding
  • Sunday
    • Edit previews for social media
  • Monday
    • Cull photos using Photo Mechanic
    • Select photos for blog using Photo Mechanic
    • Begin editing blog photos
  • Tuesday
    • Finish editing blog photos
    • Use BlogStomp to optimize photos for blog
    • Share images with Emma (my VA) so she care create the clients’ album and blog post
  • Wednesday
    • Write the couple’s blog post
    • Begin preparing content for social media posts
    • Emma creates album 
    • Emma adds blog to website
    • Share album preview/slideshow with couple
  • Thursday
    • Share blog post
      • Post to social media
      • Share with the bride on Facebook
      • Share in the VRP bride Facebook group
      • Tag vendors in these posts
      • Tag anyone I can (vendors plus bridal party members) in Instagram post and in Instagram stories
      • Send couple an email to let them know blog is up and a Pixieset gallery featuring all blogged photos so they can download if they like
      • Send same pixieset gallery to all vendors
  • Thursday & Friday
    • Emma pins wedding
    • Emma submits wedding for publication via Two Bright Lights
    • Batch review other shoots and weddings after receiving Lightroom catalogs back from Photographer’s Edit
  • When gallery is ready
    • Upload photos to Pixieset
    • Emma creates a slideshow to music via SmartSlides 
    • Let clients know their gallery is ready via email and schedule their “viewing party”
    • Prep flash drive and mail them a gift with a thank you note
    • Follow up with couple about their wedding album

How to Create Your Own Systems

  • Pick one task of project that you have to complete on the regular 
  • Write out each and every task needed to complete the task or project
  • Determine deadlines or timeframes for each of these tasks (e.g. Choose specific days of the week to dedicate to these tasks)
  • Block out time on your calendar to complete each task
  • Set boundaries to protect time for these tasks
  • Start working within these systems 

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