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Priority Pursuit

May 19, 2021

009. What are keywords? How do you identify strategic keywords? How do you use keywords to improve your SEO?

Friend, these are the exact questions we’re answering on today’s episode of “Priority Pursuit”! 

This might sound funny, but I’m crazy passionate about SEO because I know search engine optimization has the power to give small businesses and creative entrepreneurs big results. 

In fact, every year, 40% of my clients find me on Google, meaning 40% of my annual income is a result of the fact that my website ranks well on search engines. 

If you haven’t tuned into “Episode 004: Five Ways to Improve Your SEO for Free” ( I highly recommend listening to that episode before diving into this one. 

But, in today’s episode of “Priority Pursuit,” we’re going to break down how you can identify and use strategic keywords to improve your SEO and get your website, blog posts, and other content in front of your ideal customers, so you can make more sales! 

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If you’re a visual person, download “A Guide for Photographers: How to Identify Keywords for SEO that Will Help You Book More Clients”: This download includes screenshots to show you exactly how to identify and use your long-tail keywords on your website. 


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