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Priority Pursuit

May 5, 2021

008. When there are countless others out there who offer the same product or service that you do, how can you stand out in the marketplace? 

According to Photographer’s Edit CEO, Miilu CEO, and Bokeh Podcast Host Nathan Holritz, one of the most effective ways that your business can stand out in a saturated market is by crafting a unique brand position statement and strategically including this statement on your website, on social media, and in your other marketing materials. 

If you’ve read Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller (which Nathan and I highly recommend that you do), you may already be familiar with this concept. 

However, determining your brand position can be easier said than done. I mean, it was for me anyway!

Because Nathan knows how powerful brand position statements can be, in this episode of Priority Pursuit, he breaks down exactly how to define and communicate your brand position so you can stand out in your market and increase sales!

In this episode, Nathan answers: 

  1. What is a unique brand position, and why is it important for creative entrepreneurs to determine what their unique brand position is?
  2. What are examples of good and bad brand positions? 
    1. Establish a big picture view. 
    2. Look at the market & find a gap. 
    3. Develop a business model around this messaging. 
  3. How can you determine your brand position?
    1. On your website above the fold
    2. On social media 
    3. In conversation
  4. Once you know your unique brand position, how can you practically communicate it?

For a more detailed written version of this episode, visit https://victoriarayburnphotography.comhow-define-communicate-unique-brand-position-nathan-holritz/ 


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